Saturday, 19 May 2007

Deepp_Project 2007 Touring exhibition is at the Light Gallery in London 19th May 2007

Deepp touring exhibition is at the Light Gallery in London 19th May 2007. 

The touring exhibition is a Group exhibition of interior products, that crosses into the realm of art. The first exhibition was shown in Milan April 2007, to coincide with the Milan Furniture Fair. The exhibitions locations were the Dynamo bar, Trattoria Toscana restaurant and Vivaio Riva Gardens in Milan, Italy and in the Light Gallery in London in May 2007.
Light Gallery, London
Art, Furniture, interior products in exhibition

The Moon  made from treated sequins and created by Kaniez Abdi
for the exhibition

Private View night Kaniez Abdi with her friend Dora

Zig Zag Installation made from red pvc and hand made and designed
 by Kaniez Abdi
Madonna Images fabricated onto small cupboard

Metallic mesh and copper pieces fabricated into a hanging light
Metallic mesh and silver metal pieces fabricated into a free standing light

Adjustable Cube Lighting which can be moved to create different colour
 and lighting effects
Private view night with some of my closest friends, great night