Tuesday, 9 September 2008


Torin over Exhibition 9th to 28th October 2008
This was a group exhibition, based on the elements earth, fire, water, and wind crossing over in the realms of art. The exhibition was shown in Piazza della Repubblica 25, Torino in Italy.


The Concept for project, was to create a fabric which felt like wind.
I created a fabric which gave this feeling wind, air and space.

Spiral Fabric was suspended in the air to create an the illusion of a cloud and used 
in this installation of wind.

Thursday, 22 May 2008

Wesley-Barrell Craft Awards 2008

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Kaniez Abdi has been short-listed in the Textiles for Interiors category
for the Wesley-Barrell Craft Awards.
The touring exhibition of short-listed work will start at our flagship showroom at 
15, Wigmore Street, London, W1H 9LB with a press launch to ‘Meet the Makers’ on
Thursday 22nd May 2008. Work will travel to the Wesley-Barrell Manchester showroom 
and will finally be included in a showcase at Origin: The London Craft Fair, run by the 
Crafts Council at Somerset House from 7th October where the winner of the textile
and furniture category will be picked to win a £3,000 prize.

Spiral Fabric hanging displayed in Wesley-Barrell shop window

Interior shot of Spiral Fabric hanging inside Wesley-Barrell store