Friday, 29 May 2009

Kontextur Teams Up With British Textile Guru Kaniez Abdi

Moondance Shower Curtain 
Moon Dance detail of colour range

Blossom Shower Curtain in brown taupe

Blossom Shower Curtain in vivid orange
Blossom Shower Curtain in vivid pink

Happiness in petal colour silver
Happiness in petal colors violet 

 Happiness Petals in green

Happiness Petals detail of the whole colour range

Colour-Coded Shower Curtain in multi colours
Detail of Colour Coded Shower Curtains

Following closely on the heels of the successful debut of their first line of chic and modern curtain rings, the forward-thinking, home accessories company, kontextür has announced a new and ongoing collaboration with avant-garde British textile designer, Kaniez Abdi. In addition to showing-off the complete line of colorful acrylic curtain rings, the company previewed a signature collection of groundbreaking textiles at ICFF 2009.

Abdi has been a textile designer and consultant for more than ten years, working in various disciplines such as trend/forecasting, fashion, film and interiors. She counts such fashion industry heavyweights as Calvin Klein, Donna Karan and Kenneth Cole among her long list of clients. Abdi’s specialty lies in creating unique and truly innovative textiles for use in both fashion and interiors. With a highly experimental approach, she uses a wide range of techniques, such as hand sewing, machine embroidery, bonding, heating, dyeing, painting and printing when creating her designs. She also employs photography, computer manipulation and image abstraction in the development of her concepts, which makes her work bold and graphic.

Abdi and kontextür founder, Kenneth Schiller, worked closely together to develop this first line of textiles. According to Schiller, “With this launch we wanted to push, or actually, shove the boundaries of the shower curtain without ignoring functionality, usability and marketability as we look ahead to the transition from concept to production. The opportunity this collaboration presented was to take advantage of Kaniez's extraordinary artistry, technical prowess and ingenuity in transforming the notion of this ubiquitous functional and decorative household item. From couture sewing and cutting, to photographic enhancement to pure computer manipulation and unique uses of materials - the possibilities are boundless. In keeping with the kontextür philosophy, we wanted to avoid the usual and bring a truly fresh and novel approach to the product category.” ICFF will be the stage to show the exciting potential of the collaboration.

Abdi commented, “I created these textiles to be more like couture, one-off designs. They are made from interesting materials and a mix of constructions that give them a luxurious, fashion-forward look and feel.”

The Designs

The result of this collaboration has been the creation of several highly innovative pieces – the first of many to come. While the main function of the textiles is for shower curtains they can also be used a number of other ways and in both residential and hospitality/commercial settings.

The textiles fit into three overarching themes - tactile, outside/in (imagery from nature) and geometric. Many are also combinations of these themes.

Highlights include:

  • Blossom - laser cut-out tree in light sensitive vinyl, sewn onto the same vinyl - all in hot pink. Also shown with hot pink cutout juxtaposed with oatmeal-hued hemp
  • Happiness petals -metallic paillettes arranged in flower motifs on frosted polyurethane
  • Moon Dance - a zen-inspired design with laser cut taffeta orbs sewn on a mesh fabric with a transparent organza overlay
  • Colour-Coded - Machine Embroidered squares sewn in primary and neutral colours sewn onto frosted polyurethane.
All designs once translated to curtain form, will be available for sale on the kontextür website, The shower curtains will be sold in standard sizes of 72” x “72” and 72” x 70”. Retail prices will start at $75.

About kontextür:

kontextür is a chic New York based home accessories company founded by designer and entrepreneur Kenneth Schiller. The current line of kontextür products includes three acrylic curtain ring designs: neon+ squared, Bamboo, and Aura. This is only the start of what will be a growing line of home décor offerings. While abiding by the core principals of quality and innovation the company plans to expand their current line to include more curtain ring designs, couture shower curtains and additional categories of exceptional home accessories. Their modern and sexy website offers design inspiration and seamless one-click shopping.

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