Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Monday, 24 March 2014

Kaniez Abdi Fabrics to be exhibited in curated Materia Exhibition at DOMOTEX Asia/CHINAFLOOR

Kaniez Abdi Fabrics Satin Ribbon & Zigzag, Plastic & Natural Raffia, Stitch on PVC, Tarnished sequin and Swirl & Wave Fabric.

This show will take place from 25th to 27th March 2014 in ShanghaiChina.

Materia has been invited by VNU exhibitions Asia to organise an independent exhibition of 350 exciting materials. Our common goal is to inspire the 20,000 expected visitors and show them which innovations the market has given us and will give us in the future. 

"Kaniez Abdi materials are a great example of what innovation is and how good ideas can be turned into reality."

Satin Ribbon Fabric

Tarnished Fabric in Copper
Matt Finish Tarnished Fabric in Silver

Natural Raffia Fabric

Plastic Raffia Fabric 

Zig-Zag Fabric 

Swirl Fabric

Fly Stitch on PVC Fabric

Wave Fabric

Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Australian Penguins need your help can you knit

Got a few spare balls of yarn and an urge to get your needles clickety-clacking? It may be a tad too soon for us to be busting out our woollies in Oz, but a local population of plumed pals are calling out for a pullover.
While the image of a cuddly critter in a sweater tends to make us all gooey from the overload of cute, there's a more important purpose to this campaign than a few doting oohs and aahs. The Victoria-based Penguin Foundation, situated on Phillip Island, is hunting for knitters from around the world to stitch up teeny jumpers for penguins in rehab.
Preventing birds caught in oil spills from cleaning toxic gunk off with their beaks, a penguin-sized sweater can be whipped up with a few clicks.

Saturday, 8 March 2014

My favorite place to pause, reflect and eat!

My favourite place to go out for a coffee at the moment is in Camberley. There afternoon tea, cakes are delicious and there hot chocolates well there just amazing see for yourself.

Hot chocolate with marshmallows and pink sprinkles

Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Things that make me smile!

Today I saw this amazing old style metro, with such amazing sticker. It had such a personality!  This Avant Garde Zebra and Leopard print car stands out in a crowd. Wondered what his owner would look like, would he or she be in a matching outfit. So nice to see in my local town it made me giggle.
Looks so cool in this Graffiti Location. 

Zebra and Leopard Skin Car so Fashion!