Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Chanel and Dior amazing hand crafted clothes love them.

Love to see fashion and craft come together and Dior and Chanel create stunning pieces take a look at this video.#Chanel #Dior #Flowers #Fashion #Craft #Beautiful



Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Love is in the Air and I have been busy in my studio creating Valentines Day inspired products!

This week at Kaniez Abdi Textile Design, I have been busy in my studio. Creating some valentine inspired pieces for The Pottery Gift House In Frimley .

You must visit this amazing shop which is full to the brim, with lots of unique and hand made gifts, located on Frimley High Street. It's a must see if you local go and check it out!!!!

Love is in the air at the studio and I have created some handmade Love heart Garlands made from wire, diamante, pearls and handmade flowers sprayed and foil printed.

Sequin Heart Canvases are made from heat treated sequins which are stitched onto a canvas and are available in Gold, Copper, Silver. These can be made in different sizes.

PM me this week, for that special gift for your loved one this #Love #Valentines Day heart emoticon .
Love Heart Garlands handmade flowers and metallic foil
and diamante detail

Love Heart Garlands handmade flowers and metallic
 foil and pearl detail
Copper Sequin Love Heart Canvas

Gold Sequin Love Heart Canvas

Monday, 2 February 2015

Quote of the day from Paulo Coelho

Paulo Coelho Quote

Sometimes you see a quote and it really resonates with you this
is exactly what I need to see today, very powerful!