Monday, 16 May 2016

What's new at Kaniez Abdi Textile Design lots of researching

It's been a very interesting time at Kaniez Abdi Studio. Not much making going on at the moment, but lots of researching.
Meetings with potential clients and also meeting up with the collective I'm involved in, called Apple of Amber.
We have been going on day trips, to look at different boutique hotels and to check out how art and design is incorporated into there interior spaces.
We will be doing our next exhibition together in October for Independent Hotel Show. It's going to be whacky, but we're all very excited about it!!!
Here are some of my favourite interior ideas and exteriors.

Wow 300 Likes on my Facebook Page

Thank you for all the likes on my page. I have now reached 300 likes. I really appreciate everyone one of you. More posts to come, look forward to sharing them with you all.

Friday, 6 May 2016

Kirsty Mitchell video very inspiring!

Wow this is so beautiful and inspiring. I came across this photographer and artist Kirsty Mitchell Photography. Take a look at her video, it's amazing her costumes she produces for her shoots are out of this world!